Three Movies That Worked As Effective Car Advertising

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Hello and welcome back to Morgan Trucking! As always, I’m your good pal Cory and I’m here to bring about another tasteful discussion about cars in general. Last time, we talked about how cars had a pretty massive impact upon several industries.

Today, I wanted to spark a discussion regarding popular culture. Cars and automobiles have been something that has been pretty present in things that are generally considered to be amazing—especially in the field of entertainment. Of course, I’m talking about movies.

There have been some movies which worked as pretty effective car advertising. Here are three of them:

The Italian Job

If there was any movie which highlighted the capability of the Mini Cooper, it would be this movie. The BMW made machine really stole the spotlight when Charlize Theron’s character breezed past traffic and managed to inch its way into a miniscule parking space.

Then, later on, the Mini Cooper (three of them) was customized to carry gold and getaway from hostile people.


Of course this movie had to be part of this list! The transformers movie was a pretty great commercial for a lot of brands like Porsche, Chevrolet, Audi and so many others.

When the Transformers movie first came out in 2007, it was such a visual feast and a triumph for showing off the capability of various cars—not considering the fact that they turn into giant fighting robots, of course. Every kid suddenly wanted a Camaro after this movie came out so that’s pretty good advertising if you ask me.

The Fast and the Furious

The year 2001 introduced the world to a rather rabid appreciation for illegal street races. Not only did it emphasize how a car could perform once it’s been customized but it also gave any person who’s been itching for a gutsy movie something to really bite into.

If there was anything that helped to revitalize the love for American muscle cars, this movie would be it.

Movies have a pretty good way to provide not just a feast for the senses but a way to capture the imagination of its audiences. It’s also a really effective way of emphasizing a particular brand over another. So now I’d like to pass a question off to you fine folk: what other movies do you think worked as an efficient car ad?

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