Industrial Impact: What Fields Really Changed Because of Cars?

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Hello and welcome to the very first blog post on Morgan Trucking! I’m super stoked to have you here with me today. If you’ve checked out my “About Me” page, you’ll know that my name is Cory and I am an absolute car nut/enthusiast.

Today, I wanted to explore a more practical discussion pertaining to cars. Specifically, I wanted to really look at the industrial impact of automobiles. Isn’t it worth wondering: what fields really changed because of automobiles?


The world of racing was solely restricted to either horses or dogs. When automobiles were introduced to the general market, it swiftly eclipsed the popularity of horse and dog races. Now, people were more interested in seeing the speed and maneuverability of this brand new invention.

To this day, car races are an international spectacle which is worth billions. Different brands have thrown in their hats into the ring of vehicle racing.


Before cars and trucks came along, people primarily transported goods through horse-drawn carts and trains. This meant that perishable goods needed to be timed precisely and any sort of delay would mean massive losses.

When cars and trucks were introduced, it greatly changed the transportation of goods. There was no longer a limit to how much could be carried. Refrigerated trucks now enabled the transportation of goods which need low to zero temperatures.


Most people tend to correlate private and public conveyance with transportation. At any given point, they would be right. However, for today’s discussion, I wanted to place a distinction between transportation of goods and the cars and automobiles which are used primarily for conveyance.

People used to travel using carts which were drawn by horses and other forms of animals. When cars were introduced, they greatly changed how people travelled both privately and on a public level. Cars enabled the birth of busses and cabs.

So you see, vehicles did have a pretty massive effect and impact on several fields and industries. It’s still pretty humbling to think that something that we’ve created has effectively shifted the way certain things are done. Now I’d like to pass a question to you: what other fields do you think were impacted because of cars and automobiles?

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